How To Tell If Commercial Refrigeration Needs Repairs

Refrigeration is critical to a wide range of commercial operations. If you're worried there might be something wrong with a system, you should learn the signs that it's time to contact a commercial refrigeration repair technician.

Water Leaks

Any water that you can't trace to something kept in the refrigeration system is a sign of problems. The water could collect because the system isn't dehumidifying the air enough. Also, the water could come from leaking components or overworked relief valves. Clogged drainage systems also can encourage water to leak from the system.

Off-Target Temperatures

Even if you can manually adjust the system to account for the difference, an off-target temperature in any part of the system is bad. A thermostat might be failing. There could also be issues with undiscovered air leaks.

Do not tolerate temperatures deviating from where you want them. Have a commercial professional refrigeration repair company address the issue.


A properly operating commercial refrigeration should have sufficient air circulation to deter mold and bacteria growth. Likewise, the system should pump out enough moisture to avoid creating an ideal environment for pathogen growth. If the system isn't working this well, there's a good chance you'll notice a smell coming from the unit. Even if the smell comes from the food, that's not a great sign. The circulation should be good enough to drive out even the most pungent odors.

Frost or Condensation

If the unit isn't removing enough moisture from the air, it could collect on the inside of the compartment. Similarly, the unit could also be running too cold. This can lead to condensation or even frost collecting along the interior walls.

Warm Air

You could encounter the reverse problem, too. If a seal has failed, warm air could get into the refrigeration unit. Also, a failing motor might not provide enough cooling to keep the air at the right temperature.

Rising Energy Bills

Systems don't always fail all at once. They can simply start to run inefficiently. When this happens, they pull more electricity and run the energy bill up. Make sure when you check the bill that the issue is energy consumption and not rising rates.


Even large commercial refrigeration setups should run relatively quietly. If you detect increasing or unusual noises from the system, you should have a professional check it out.

Electrical Problems

A failing motor or electrical system can trip breakers and blow fuses. If this becomes a constant problem and you're sure the building's electrical configuration is up to the job, it might be time to consult with a commercial refrigeration repair professional.

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