Why Your Dryer's Drum Stopped Spinning

Your dryer's drum should spin when you press the start button. When your dryer doesn't spin, it won't dry the clothes properly and could cause other problems. Fortunately, this problem is common and one that an appliance repair company can fix. Dryer drums may stop rotating for several reasons, and you often have warning signs before they do. Keep reading to learn more about why your dryer stopped spinning.

Broken Drive Belt

The drive belt wraps around the drum and attaches to a motor. This ensemble rotates the drum so that the clothes tumble and dry evenly. When the belt breaks, the dryer drum cannot spin. Often, you will hear squeaking or rattling before the belt fails.

Broken Door Switch

Many dryers will not work if a door switch breaks or there is a problem with the connection. Most dryers have a safety feature that stops the drum whenever the door opens. Door switches and latches can wear out or break or bend over time with use. Often, the door becomes more and more difficult to keep closed before the latch eventually fails.

Worn Drum Rollers

Rollers help stabilize the drum as it spins. Severely worn rollers won't provide enough support to get the drum spinning fast enough. Stuck rollers stop the drum from spinning completely. You may hear a squealing or thumping noise when your dryer has this problem. Sometimes, people also notice black smudges on their clothes with this issue.

Worn Drum Bearing

The drum bearing supports the rear side of the drum. Like the rollers, it helps stabilize the rotation. Bearings can become worn and seized. When they do not work correctly, they strain the motor. Like other components, worn bearings give signs of impending failure. You may hear a rattling or grinding noise near the end of their usefulness.

Worn Electrical Components

Some dryers have a safety feature that trips a circuit breaker if the machine becomes too hot. You can reset the breaker, but you may want to find out what caused it to turn off. Your machine may need repairs and cleaning. Before restarting your dryer, have it checked out by a repair person to ensure it is safe.

When a dryer has a drum that doesn't rotate, it cannot dry your clothes. Fortunately, a non-rotating dryer drum is a fixable problem. Sometimes, though, the problem can be hard to pinpoint or difficult to repair without an experienced repair person. If you need help with your dryer, contact an appliance repair company such as Collier County Appliance Service, Inc. to find out more.

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