Dishwasher Not Cleaning Your Dishes Properly? What You Can Do

If your dishwasher isn't cleaning your dishes, it could be a few different things. If you've already changed your dishwashing detergent and you've pre-rinsed your dishes, and it still is not cleaning your dishes as it once did, it could be a problem with the dishwasher itself. If the dishwasher isn't removing food, or your dishes just don't look clean, there are a few things you can do to help get it working like new again. Read on for some things you may be able to do.

Remove The Sprayer Arms 

Take out the sprayer arms inside the dishwasher. This is where the water comes out and is sprayed onto your dishes. Remove these arms and inspect them. If there is anything blocking the holes on them where the water comes out, you need to clean them out. Use a toothpick to remove any debris inside. If there is a lot of hard water buildup, you should soak the arms in warm water, white vinegar, and baking soda. Allow it to soak for a few hours, then pick out the calcium buildup. Replace the sprayer arms and see if this helps to remove the food on your dishes and cleans your dishes better.

Clean Out The Filter

Clean out the filter inside the dishwasher beneath the sprayer arms. This filter can get clogged with food particles and other debris, such as sticker remnants on the bottoms of dishes or on cookware. Clean this debris from the filter and remove the filter if needed to give it a more thorough clean. Clean beneath the filter as well, around the drain using a vinegar and water solution. Clean the drain as well using the vinegar and some baking soda to ensure the drain is clear for the water and any waste to get through.

Replace The Door On The Wash Dispenser

If the soap isn't getting dispensed, it isn't going to be able to clean the dishes. Check that the door will open and close easily. If it sticks or doesn't open easily, you may need to replace the door on it. It is triggered to open up when the dishwasher is ready for it to open. If you're seeing chunks of solid dishwashing detergent, or the door is always closed and there is leftover liquid dish detergent inside, you need to replace the door.

If your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes and it isn't your detergent, you need to have your dishwasher repaired to get it working like new again. Hire an appliance repair service to help you with this repair.

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