3 Common Microwave Issues & How To Handle Them

It is easy to forget that your microwave is an appliance that requires care and attention. Microwaves may seem like they can do an endless amount of work for you. However, your microwave can still break down eventually. When your microwave breaks down, you don't have to throw it away because it is possible to repair it.

The Light Bulb Isn't Turning On

When you open your microwave, you expect the light to turn on automatically. The light on your microwave makes it easier to see the food inside and to make sure that everything cooks to your liking. When the bulb doesn't light up, you can't properly see your food.

Oftentimes, the issue is simple. The bulb inside of your microwave may have simply burned out and just needs to be changed. Alternatively, the fuse for the bulb may not be working and may need to be replaced. If that isn't the issue, you will need to look at the control board on the microwave to make sure that the light is being sent the right amount of voltage. If it isn't, the sockets or wiring may be bad and need to be replaced.

The Plate Inside Your Microwave Isn't Moving

The plate inside of your microwave is designed to move when the microwave is activated. The spinning and movement of the plate contribute to your microwave's ability to cook your food. If the plate is not spinning,  the motor is likely worn out.

Replacing the motor is a relatively easy task that a microwave repair person can do for you. They can easily swap out the motor for a new one.

Before assuming there is an issue with the motor, make sure that the turntable is clean. If some food or debris gets into the turntable mechanics, that can jam it up and prevent it from turning as well.

The Buttons Are Not Working Properly

When you press a button on your microwave, you expect that button to perform the labeled function. If you have a function button that is not working or a number button that is not working, you need to investigate that. Generally, this issue is caused by wear and tear, and you may need to update the touchpad of your microwave, or you may need to fix some damage to the control panel.

If your microwave is not performing as expected, don't throw it away. Instead, spend some time and money repairing your microwave. This will allow you to get more use out of your microwave and will allow you to minimize your footprint on the earth at the same time. It is worth it to fix your microwave instead of just swap it out your old microwave for a new one due to a small issue that could be easily fixed. Contact an appliance repair service for more help.

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