Problems That Can Impair Your Refrigerator

Problems with the refrigerator can lead to food spoilage and illness from food that is not stored at a cold enough temperature. Due to the complexity of modern refrigerators, there is a range of issues and problems that you will eventually find yourself having to address.

Faulty Ice Maker

The ice maker can be an extremely convenient feature for a refrigerator to have. While this device will normally be able to reliably provide you with ice, there can be instances where it may fail to work correctly. There are many potential causes for this type of failure, but a clogged water line will be among the more common. This can occur due to mineral and sediment accumulations in the line that will eventually stop the flow of water.

Refrigerator Not Staying Cool Enough

If your refrigerator is unable to stay at a low enough temperature, your stored food can spoil far more quickly. While a faulty motor or cooling system will often be the cause of this problem, it can also be due to the door seals failing. This issue will lead to the cool air escaping from inside the refrigerator. As a result, you may want to always start the process of evaluating this problem by checking the condition of the door seals. In many instances, replacing these seals will allow the system to operate more effectively.

Clanking, Humming, Or Other Unusual Sounds

Motor problems with the refrigerator can lead to the entire unit failing to work. When this occurs, major repairs are likely needed to restore the functionality of the system. In particular, clanking and humming sounds from the unit can indicate that a problem with the motor is developing. Once these issues are noticed with the refrigerator, you should act quickly as it may be possible to limit the scope of the needed repairs if the unit is serviced soon after these problems become noticeable.

Interior Light Failure

The interior light of the refrigerator can make it easy for you to see as you look for items in the refrigerator. Faulty interior light can drastically reduce your experience using the refrigerator, but it can be a fairly simple repair. The bulbs that are used in refrigerators are designed to last for years. As a result, this problem is often the result of problems with the sensor that tells this light when to activate. Depending on the design of the refrigerator, replacing this sensor is often a repair that can be completed without hiring a professional repair service.

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