3 Reasons To Repair Your Broken Washing Machine Today

Has your current washing machine decided that it'd rather impersonate a paperweight than wash clothes? Are you fed up with your clothes not getting fully clean and are about ready to go shopping for a new washer? While buying a new machine is always an option, it may not be the best option for you. Instead of buying a brand new washing machine, it may make more sense to get your current machine fixed. If you're hesitating about doing this, there are a number of reasons why you should at least consider the possibility:

Low cost: If you have a home warranty, washer repair may be included in the monthly price that you're paying. A home warranty typically covers the breakdown of many things in your home, including certain plumbing repairs and appliance repair. Instead of potentially paying hundreds of dollars for a brand new washing machine, you may be able to pay just a few tens of dollars in service charges to get your current washing machine up and running again. Even if you don't have a home warranty, repairing a washing machine will almost always be less expensive than going to the store and buying a new one.

Eco-friendly: It's not uncommon for motors to burn out or pipes to get clogged. If people threw out washing machines every time this happened, there would be a lot less space in the landfills. Appliances are large and unwieldy, taking up a rather significant amount of space in a landfill. Instead of sending this large cube of metal and plastic to the dump to rot, a washer repair technician may be able to breathe new life into the old machine and get it working again with little to no effort. If it's a minor issue, like a broken belt, the process may also be faster than waiting for the delivery of a new machine.

Make money: When you have your heart set on a brand new machine, it can be difficult to even consider washer repair as an option. But one very good reason to explore this possibility is because it could make you money in the long run. Consider a washing machine that costs $50-100 to get working again. If it's still a relatively newer machine, you might be able to get at least two to three times that amount if you sell the machine on an online classified. This money can then be put towards the cost of a new washing machine, potentially saving you several hundred dollars on the purchase price.

Talk to a local washer repair service to learn more.

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