4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine is an appliance that deals with quite a bit of wear and tear just through normal operation. It is exposed to a large amount of moisture, weight, and a range of temperatures, all of which combine with a large amount of movement. This means that there is a range of ways in which your washing machine can suffer from a mechanical problem. Understanding some of the early warning signs associated with a washing machine that is not operating as it should be can help you figure out when you should get in touch with an appliance repair technician. 

Drainage Issues

One of the most serious and also one of the easiest-to-spot signs that your washing machine is overdue for a professional inspection and repair is if you notice that there is water that remains in the drum of your washing machine after the cycle completes. This usually points to either a dead water pump, or a clog within the drain line; however, a clogged drain line will usually also have some sort of leak or flooding around the washing machine. Since the pump is more likely to be at fault, contacting a professional is the best way to determine if the pump can be replaced or if it would be cheaper to replace the entire unit. 

Spinning Issues

Another sign of mechanical problems for your washing machine is if you notice any sort of movement issues. These can take two main forms: the first is when the drum does not spin at all, which leaves your clothes dirty and wet after the cycle. This points to a motor issue, which is a serious repair like the water pump and can sometimes require an entirely new washing machine. In other and more common cases, the belts attached to the motor have slipped or ripped, or the door switch is broken and isn't registering that the washing machine is closed. These are both simpler and more affordable fixes. 

No Water

Finally, the last major sign that there is an issue with your washing machine is if the drum fails to fill completely with water when you start a cycle. This usually points to a clogged valve or hose, which is a simple enough fix for a professional. However, in some cases the issue can lie with your plumbing system instead, which will require a professional plumbing contractor to inspect your home instead of just the appliance to determine the source of the issue and the best path forward. 

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